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A tradition of educational excellence and a broad commitment to local schools ensure that education is a major priority in Grenada County. Students starting in pre-school can progress through vocational, technical training, certificate programs or a four-year college degree without having to leave the area. Grenada school systems offer a quality education to children in Grenada County.

Public Schools

Grenada School District Administration
The Grenada School District is the recipient of many advancements and awards. The Public Education Forum of Mississippi has recognized the "Walls that Teach" initiative, the "Kidzeum," and the "Discovery Lab" with Awards of Excellence, and Business Week Magazine has acclaimed Grenada Elementary as one of the countries "Break the Mold" schools. Grenada has also been the recipient of three Governor's Awards. The Kidzeum and the E-Mail Mentors Program have each won a Governor's Award for Outstanding Partnerships and Dr. David Daigneault won a Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts. The "Kidzeum" also received a 2002 Magna Award from the American School Board Journal.

253 Main Street | P.O. Box 1940 | Phone: (662) 226-1606 | Read more...

Grenada Elementary
Enthusiasm for learning is a priority of the Grenada Elementary School. Housing over 1,600 students in kindergarten through third grade, Grenada Elementary is a state-of-the-art facility that has been recognized by Business Week Magazine as the Number One Rural School in America. Promoting high expectations is the standard for the faculty and staff who are committed to providing a positive and motivating environment in which children can realize their potential as dynamic, self-confident learners. They are challenged by the precept, “If a child cannot learn the way we teach, then we must teach the way the child learns.”

Nestled in a serene, woodsy landscape, the Grenada Elementary School is surrounded by thirty acres. Nature trails lead from the rear of campus to an open-air pavilion that can be used as an outdoor classroom or picnic area. The school, however, is easily accessible by a four-lane highway on the perimeter of the campus. Passage in and around the school is convenient, safe, and efficient.

22315 Highway 8 East | Phone: (662) 226-8900 | Read more...

Grenada Upper Elementary
Grenada Upper Elementary offers students many opportunities to experience and explore their environment. Upon entering the front door of GUES, the Discovery Lab dominates the view. Inside the Lab’s glass walls, a variety of creative activities are provided for our inquisitive students. Hands-on opportunities for learning through an inquiry-based curriculum expand student learning by direct experiences. The instructional process achieves success by increasing student knowledge through activities, experiments, and the latest advances in technology. An extension of the Discovery Lab is an outdoor, team building, challenge course that teaches the importance of cooperation, a valuable skill for future success.

22313 Highway 8 East | Phone: (662) 226-2584 | Read more...

Grenada Middle School
A tour of Grenada Middle School immediately demonstrates to the visitor the commitment to quality education. The walls have been transformed into teaching tools through the use of timelines, sculptures, and paintings and the court yard provides an experience into the early days of Mississippi Choctaw Indians through the replication of an authentic Indian homestead.

At the Grenada Middle School the curriculum extends beyond the ordinary in basic, supplementary, and remedial courses to enable every student to excel. Emphasis is placed upon language and writing in combination with organizational and study skills necessary for effective communication. The English department recognizes the value of literature as it widens a student’s perspective through drama, novels, and short stories. The development of each student’s reading skills is stressed through the innovative use of technology and standard instruction. Reading REALMS, a locally developed reading program, is used throughout GMS to encourage children to read independently and to develop a lifetime enthusiasm for reading. The school library constantly adds titles that are of interest to students and teachers, assisting in the educational process of the entire school.

28 Jones Road | Phone: (662) 226-5135 |

Grenada High School
The varying academic and technological needs of Grenada High School students are met by rendering a broad range of concentrated instruction and courses to prepare students for the global world. Math and science courses are supplied for every level and a variety of languages are offered. For students requiring general or pre-college studies, Grenada High School offers special programs in addition to the regular curriculum for the pursuit of realistic goals.

Recognizing the importance of vocations that are vital to everyday life, the Grenada High School encourages students with interests and aptitudes in vocational areas to pursue courses at the Career & Technical Center. The Center offers a practical environment with sequenced programs in a variety of job skills. These programs are designed to prepare students for entry-level employment from high school or further specialty study in their chosen vocation.

1875 Fairground Road | Phone: (662) 226-8844 |

Grenada Education Center
The Grenada Education Center houses Grenada School District's Adult Basic Education Program, the Parent Resource Center, and the Grenada League for Adult Development (GLAD), the volunteer adult literacy program serving Grenada County since 1986.

423 South Line Street | Phone: (662) 226-6101 |

Private Schools

Kirk Academy
Kirk Academy’s mission is to strive to provide students the best possible Christian-based, college preparatory education while instilling in them respect for God, our nation, parents, and proper authority. They are fully accredited by both MAIS (Mississippi Association of Independent School) and SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

KA, a K-3 through 12th grade private school, was chartered as Grenada Educational Foundation in September 1966, it is named for W.H. Kirk, who donated the original thirty acres of land.

2621 Carrollton Rd. | Phone: (662) 226-2791 |

Higher Education

Holmes Community College
In partnership with the State Board for Community & Junior Colleges, Holmes Community College can provide a variety of services to meet specific, customized or individualized training needs of the businesses and industries in the district.

In many instances, laboratories on the college campus are used in conjunction with plant site instruction to integrate classroom and real-world experience into meaningful instruction for students.
The Grenada Center offers a wide selection of classes to traditional and non-traditional students alike. Students can earn a number Associates degrees and participate in hundreds of online classes offered through any junior college in Mississippi. All classes are transferable to four-year universities and colleges.

The Industrial Training Complex was constructed in 2000. This facility was partially funded by local industry and works closely with these industries to ensure programs prepare students for the workplace.

State-of-the-Art Facilities include:

  • Multi-media Meeting Room (seats 80)

  • Computer Lab

  • Hydrolics Training Equipment

  • Robotics Equipment

  • PLC Controlers

  • Machine and Tool Equipment

  • Drafting Lab

  • Tailored Workforce Development Training

  • Pre-employment Testing and Training

  • Classroom Space

  • Welding Training Lab

  • Electronics Lab

1060 Avent Drive | Phone: (662) 226-0830 |

University of Mississippi - Grenada
The University of Mississippi and Holmes Community College formed a partnership to bring junior, senior, and graduate–level of UM courses to the Grenada campus at Holmes Community College. With this partnership, students now have the opportunity to get a four year degree in Grenada, Mississippi.

1060 Avent Drive | Phone: (662) 227-3384 |

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