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In Grenada, an essential component is expanding the economic base of educational institutions, major manufacturers and employers, start-up businesses and entrepreneurs and growing businesses that keep the community thriving.

As the voice of business within our community, the Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce carefully monitors and proactively works with our community partners to ensure our area’s economy remains stable by making Grenada a community that encourages and nurtures business growth. One of our focuses is maintaining a diverse and vibrant business community. Grenada is the home of forward-thinking business groups and government & nonprofit agencies, all working together to facilitate employment & small business training and educational programs to attract new jobs to the area.

This section will provide you helpful information about employment in Grenada.

Employment in Grenada
Whether you are a recent graduate or a workforce veteran, we can help you start a career or make a transition into a new one. Click here for all job listings provided by members of the Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security
MDES provides an array of services from the WIN Job Center which provides convenient, one-stop employment and training services to employers and job seekers. WIN Job Centers also provide unemployment payment services to workers during temporary periods of unemployment.

Workforce Development - Holmes Community College
Located in the Industrial Technology Complex on the Grenada campus, the Workforce Development program is designed to provide a variety of training in a non-credit format to meet the training needs of individuals, businesses, and industries in the district. In many instances, laboratories on the college campus are used in conjunction with plant site instruction to integrate classroom and real-world experience into meaningful instruction for students. This training may be in one or more of the following areas: training for workers on new equipment or processes, retraining for workers who must move to other positions within the firm, training for workers to advance to higher positions, and/or training in the basic skill areas for employees to become more effective and efficient. For course outlines please contact the Workforce Development Coordinator at 662-227-2349.

Staffing Services
Whether you are an employer or job seeker, Grenada has several agencies that specialize in recruitment or staffing. Click here to see a list of Grenada Area Chamber of Commerce staffing service providers.


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