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Leadership Grenada
About Leadership Grenada
Leadership Grenada is a program offered by the Grenada Chamber of Commerce to any interested citizen who lives or works in Grenada or is a member of the Grenada Chamber. The purpose of Leadership Grenada is to provide corporate leadership training; to motivate and encourage civic leaders; and to develop personal leadership characteristics and skills within individuals. Participants are introduced to county and city officials, school board trustees and administrators, community leaders, and community boards and commissions. Leadership skill topics are taught with active participation along with numerous field trips. Each graduate is encouraged to actively contribute to Grenada's growth and future.

An annual program of the Grenada County Chamber of Commerce which is designed to identify, educate, and motivate potential leaders to become involved in the future of our community. It is aimed at developing a pool of well- informed and well- motivated men and women qualified to assume present and future leadership roles in Grenada.

The Program
A diverse group of individuals from all sectors of our community will be assembled monthly to learn about the community, and to enhance their personal leadership skills. A course of study covering subjects essential to successful community and personal leadership will be presented in a two-day opening retreat and a series of seven subsequent all-day sessions held one day per month, from September through April.

The curriculum will include:
1. Personal Leadership Skills Development
2. City and County Government
3. Education
4. Healthcare
5. Diversity and History
6. Economic Development
7. Community Service
8. Strategic Planning

All of the sessions will be designed to be highly interactive, stimulating and thought provoking. A typical day might involve a fast-paced combination of group discussions, exercises, field trips and presentations by respected local leaders. Class sessions will be held in locations appropriate to the topic. The instruction will not reflect any one solution or political viewpoint, but rather will present varied and diverse approaches to problem solving. Participants will be expected to share their unique experiences and learn from one another.

Corporate Leadership Training
Leadership Grenada provides a comprehensive program to identify and train potential leaders within their workforce. Small, medium, and large companies alike can benefit tremendously from the program. Leadership Grenada assists, encourages and motivates employees to develop important leadership skills.

Leadership Grenada offers a cost-effective program with a proven track record of success. With a modest investment of time and expense by the employer and the employee, Leadership Grenada has graduated corporate and civic leaders throughout Grenada.

Civic Leadership Training
As one of the oldest and most respected educational training programs offered by the Grenada Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Grenada has the following objectives:

1. To inform the participants about Grenada's history, government, social needs, opportunities and existing processes for improvement.
2. To introduce the participants to, and establish dialogue with each other and the current leaders of Grenada.
3. To encourage the participants to actively participate in future activities which contribute to the growth and betterment of the Grenada community.
4. To provide current and future employers with a source of knowledgeable and trained leaders who can and will have a positive impact on the business community.

Personal Development Training
Leadership Grenada provides individuals with a program that assists in the development of leadership characteristics and skills. Individuals participate in various hands-on learning activities that will help identify personal values, visions, and life-long goals. The program provides important concepts crucial to an emerging leader, ranging from problem solving to time management. Graduates of the program acquire a working knowledge of themselves as well as their community. In short, Leadership Grenada not only produces leaders, it also enriches the lives of all who participate in the program.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible, an applicant must fulfill one of the following categories:

1. Have lived in Grenada one year prior to June 1 of the current calendar year
2. Have worked in Grenada one year immediately prior to June 1 of the current year
3. Membership in the Grenada Chamber of Commerce

The Participants
The quality of the participants is the primary strength of the program their diversity, leadership potential, commitment to the community and commitment to learning. They will represent the public and private sectors and civic and community organizations in our area. A screening and selection committee will consider applicants who:

1. Have positions of leadership in their employment or volunteer organizations.
2. Give evidence of mature judgment.
3. Have strong interest in and commitment to the community.
4. Anticipate an active role in business and community activities.
5. Will commit to attending all sessions of the program.
6. Have the endorsement and full support of their employer or sponsoring organization.

Tuition for Leadership Grenada is $150.00. If accepted into the LEADERSHIP Grenada program, you or your employer/sponsor will be billed for the tuition fee (which covers all program costs, including facilities and meals at the orientation and during each day-long session). Full tuition must be received by the first session, unless other arrangements are made.



Leadership Grenada 2014-2015
Claudette Avery
Burning Bush Missionary Baptist Church
Molly Brown
UMMC - Grenada
Jan Carter
Grenada County Chancery Clerk Office
Fawn Keen
Grenada School District
Lateefa McGhee
Grenada Tourism Commission
Pastor Marjorie Walker
Mildrette Netter White
1968 Gold Medalist (Retired)
Larcener Williams
Sav-Mor Drugs
Kanequa Willis
Jimmy and Mary Willis
Cornelius Winters

The Sponsors for Leadership Grenada 2014-2015 are: Regions Bank, Luvata, Sav-Mor Drugs, ADP, Bankers Association, Grenada Board of Realtors, Resolute Forest products, Johnny Hayward(Chancery Clerk), Grocery Basket, EMI, Horne LLP, GLMC. Grenada School District, City of Grenada / Parks & Rec, Finch Henry Job Corp, Coldwell Banker Landmark Realty, Liberty Finance, Margaret G. Keeton, Solon Group, Roger & Ida Givens, Kirk Auto Group, Pollan Aviation, Entergy, Western Sizzlin and Double Quick


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