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  Quincy Deron Williams

Quincy Deron Williams
Hello everyone, my name is Quincy Deron Williams and I am a native of Grenada Mississippi. I was borne on the 3rd of December 1976 at Grenada lake Hospital. My parents, who currently still live in the city limits of Grenada, are Woodrow and Viola Ratliff. My sister Renata, Nephew Lazarus and brother Tramarcus (G.B) all still reside in Grenada.

However, I currently live in Fredericksburg Virginia, where I am married to Amanda Sunshine Williams, who I also meet in Grenada Mississippi, and who is currently an up and coming book author. Amanda is currently getting ready to publish her first book called “Web of Destruction” which should be out sometime in September. I also have two daughters, Quinque (11) the gymnast and Jakiyah (11) the basketball star.

After spending a total of 10 years in the Military (Army) as a Military Police Officer I decided not to continue my services with the Army, and move on to do something different. I am now currently working in Washington D.C. our nation’s capital at the Supreme Court of the United States. Here I currently work in the dignitary protection field (Secret Service). Here I serve as a Federal Police Agent in which I protect the Supreme Court judges and their families.

I am also a God fearing Christian, and my family and I attend church service at Unity Christian Fellowship International in Alexandria Virginia, where my pastor is Bishop Nelson K. Williams and First lady Lillian Williams. My wife and I are both licensed ministers here at (U.C.F.I.). I am also a praise and worship leader, and I sing in the choir as well as on the praise and worship team.

Being the music lover that I have been all my life, and after I had given my life over to Christ, I am now a songwriter and music producer. Currently I have just helped my church produce our very first gospel music CD project. The project came out late September of 2009. The group consists of the praise and worship team at my church (U.C.F.I), in which I am a member of. I am also responsible for writing 13 of the 15 songs on the CD. The group is called “United for a Purpose” and the CD is called “Sacrifice of Praise”. We are currently signed to a gospel record label called Alliant records. The CD is currently being sold on the internet on ITunes and on CD Baby where you can review, purchase, and download a copy of the CD for yourself. I have also currently started up my own record Label called “Each One Reach Some Productions”, in which I am now in the process of producing my first solo gospel music project, the group is called “UN-COMMON” and the CD will be called “Influential Anointing”, the group is made up of me, and Minister Princess Atunrase. I am also the song writer and producer of this group as well. Be on the look out this September for the release of the “UN-COMMON” maxi single, which will consist of two songs, “It’s the Anointing”, and “Jehovah Soul-Jah”.

As an Army Brat, I have had the luxury of traveling and living all around the world, so I have seen many different kinds of people and lived in many different kinds of places, and now that I am older (33) and have lived the big city life for some time now, I get excited and cherish the times when I can take a break from the hustle and hassles of the city life and go back home to Grenada Mississippi. A place that’s not to fast and not to slow, a place where you can enjoy a small taste of the city life, but still enjoy the laid back atmosphere of a small town, a place where people say hello to you when passing in the street, and ask how you are doing and really mean it. A place where you can enjoy and actually see the changes of all four seasons, a place where you can see people truly honoring family life and traditions, A place where you can walk into a store and the person at the counter knows your name and may even know your parents too. A place where you can enjoy great dear hunting as well as grab your boat, rods, and reels, and go down to the famous Grenada lake and do some fishing for some huge bass, which is always stocked full of fish, and while you are there at the lake you can walk over and see the water racing out of the damn of Grenada Lake, or you can just chill out at the park on the lake and see all the Bar-B-Q’s, festivals, and all the family reunions that are held there every year.

So as you can see, there are many great things that the City of Grenada has to offer, I just named a few, I am sure that that you will find many more once you’ve visited this great city. As a native of Grenada, I truly now understand the meaning behind that old saying “You never know what you are missing until it’s gone”. “Man, is it Thanksgiving yet”? See ya’ll soon.


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